Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule your services?

Give us a call and we will set up a time to come out and give you an estimate!

How long will my cleaning take?

The time it takes us to clean your home or business’ glass all depends on the level of clean you are wanting. For a premium level clean at your home, generally plan on 4-6 hours. Some jobs take 2 hours and some of our bigger jobs have taken multiple days.

How much does it cost?

The prices for our service packages depend on what you want done. Our premium package generally costs more than just interior and exterior glass because we also detail your tracks and sills and remove, clean, and replace your window screens. Hard water removal starts at $25 on glass, depending on size, and $100 on shower enclosures, depending on size. Solar panel cleaning starts at $4 per panel depending on size and location of your solar panels. Dryer vent cleaning is $89.

What do I need to do before the cleaning?

We recommend that you move what you can from around your home’s windows. Pictures, lamps, artwork. We are more than happy to help move larger things like furniture when we come for your cleaning.

How often should I get my dryer vent cleaned?

We recommend at least once a year. Depending on the efficiency of your dryer and how much laundry is done, you may want it cleaned more or less often.

Why should I have my solar panels cleaned?

A solar panel is most efficient when its surface is clean of dust and debris. Over time, the surface of the panel is exposed to weather, dirt, dust and atmospheric containments. Regular cleaning will keep your solar panels running and collecting energy at peak efficiency.

How often should I have my windows cleaned?

We usually recommend having your windows, tracks, sills and screens cleaned quarterly. Oftentimes, businesses will need their glass cleaned more frequently.